My Sleeping Beauty (Framed Original Oil on Linen)

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Sleeping Beauty W White Boarder.jpg
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My Sleeping Beauty (Framed Original Oil on Linen)


My Sleeping Beauty

This is the latest painting I did of my beautiful fiance who has been my inspiration for several of my most recent romantic paintings. Often times over the years as I watched her fall asleep or as in this case watching her still sleeping as the sun began to rise, I have found myself always being moved ever more by her beauty, softness, and peaceful sleep. I have called her "My Sleeping Beauty" from the very first time I looked at her face as she fell asleep in my arms. Somewhere between me and heaven are no words that can describe this beautiful woman I love so deeply than to call her "My Sleeping Beauty".

This oil on linen hand stretched by myself has been framed by a very highly respected professional framer who has doubled framed this piece in a very high-end romantic and elegantly sculptured hardwood frame.  It measures 35" H  x  47” W  x  3.4” D and comes all with a professional metal french cleat already mounted to the back of the frame and includes the necessary second cleat and screws for mounting this painting safely and securely on your wall.

Medium: Oil on Belgian Linen

Image Size: 24"h x 36"w

Dated: 2015

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