Endangered Evening (Artist Proof Canvas, Number 4 of an Edition of 11)


Endangered Evening (Artist Proof Canvas, Number 4 of an Edition of 11)





This is a Very Special Opportunity to Now Own that Parrish Wolf Piece That You Missed Out On During The 2003 PBS On Air Art Auction.

From now until December 31, 2016, Brad is offering the last signed & numbered reproductions of those wolf paintings that sold out so many years ago. These are both print and canvas limited editions that the artist was given by his publisher and PBS to have and to sell.  Some of the reproductions are numbered as low as #2 in editions of only 5 canvas reproductions made and available in the world. Between now and the end of December you will see these reproductions go up for sale at unbelievable prices.  Brad's Christmas gift to both his new and old collectors.  After December 31st all prices for unsold works being offered for Christmas will be sold at their regular price.

"ARTIST PROOF #3 IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE, it was purchased from this online store today December 12th at 1:31AM CST".

This fine art stretched canvas which is hand signed & numbered by Bradley J. Parrish is number "AP" 4 of only 11 "AP's" (Artist Proofs) reproductions produced by PBS when Brad was the "2003 Century Collection Artist" for their annual live televised Great TV Auction.

Canvas Size: 14 1/2" H X 29 1/4" W
Signed: Parrish
Publish: 2003
Total Artist Proof Edition Size:  The Total Artist Proof Edition Size: 11 "AP's" "Artist Proofs"
Type of Reproduction:  Offset lithograph using lightfast inks and applied to 100% stretched canvas then varnished with a clear UV protective coating.
This Canvas is Number: 4 "AP" Artist Proof

Regular Price:  $2,100.00

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