The Sentinel (Artist Proof Print Number 28 Out of 35 Made)

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10-36 copy (2).jpg

The Sentinel (Artist Proof Print Number 28 Out of 35 Made)






In the mid to late nineties when Brad was studying, observing, sketching and painting many wolves he came upon a very special wolf named "Rodulfus" or to Brad "Rud" as he called him that compelled Brad to paint a portrait of this magnificent wolf.  Him and Rud were buddy's from the get go. Brad says "He was unique and would call to me to come to him every time I would arrive.  A wolf whose spirit connected with mine.  If there ever was a wolf that defined the the spirit of a wolf, it was "Rud".

This portrait of Rodolphus a large pastel of his which Brad donated the rights to PBS publish his piece as a signed and numbered limited edition print to help raise money for PBS.  This is one of Brad's last "Artist Proof" pieces from this edition being offered for sale after over two decades since it sold out in 1999 and broke all previous PBS art auction records for money raised by any artist in their history.  

*This is "Artist Proof" or (AP) number 28 of only 35 reproductions made, and is from the 1999 "Encore" special edition featuring Brad as the "Century Collection Artist" for  PBS and the "The Great TV Auction". 

Image Size:  20" H  X  28" W
Signed & Numbered:  Bradley J. Parrish / AP #28 of 35
Publish:  1999

Type of Reproduction:  Offset lithograph using lightfast inks and printing on archival fine art paper.

Regular Price:  $3,900.00

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