Cosette by Artist Bradley J. Parrish

Cosette by Artist Bradley J. Parrish


A Labor of Love

Artist Bradley J. Parrish's beautiful painting titled 'Cosette' was inspired by writer Victor Hugo’s masterpiece 'Les Miserables'.  This moving portrait of her which he completed in 1994 has been loved all these years by so many.  For Parrish this powerful and moving portrait of Cosette that he had envisioned had everything to do with her beautiful face and little or nothing to do with the the rest of her. Detail for the rest of the piece for Parrish was of no value when completing this painting in 1994.

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Parrish Brings Cosette Home To Paris


Brad Parrish who is is very selective as to whom he licenses his images to was recently contacted by renowned French producer Philippe Barreau and his partner Magda Hadnagy of CITYPROD in France wishing to licenses his image of Cosette for their new European production of Victor Hugo's masterpiece 'Les Miserables. .  Having fallen in love with Brad's vision of Cosette and the feeling she evokes, Philippe contacted Brad wanting specifically to use his painting of Cosette as their key image in their upcoming production of Les Miserables en Concert which begins its tour in Paris.   For more information on CITYPROD and their upcoming production of Les Miserable en Concert as it becomes available you may go to   To view Bradley J. Parrish's painting of Cosette, Click here.




The Creation of Adam

Celebrating the Release of this Limited Edition Print on This Day 30 Years Ago


It was 30 years ago today that 500 signed and numbered limited prints were produced of this piece and released to the public. These prints are the only surviving images of the original painted by Artist Bradley J. Parrish in 1973 at the age of 15. It is the only image that has ever been reproduced of the original which was damaged and then stolen in the mid 1980's. It has never been seen again nor has it ever surfaced since. The Vatican in Rome has one of these reproductions from this edition in their archives to forever protect this image from ever being lost so that future generations can look upon this piece in awe at what this artist envisioned at the age of 15 when he painted it.

The artist was going through storage looking for an original oil and found instead in an old locked crate several signed and numbered pieces that had been set aside from this the edition of 500 prints and also a few from the artist edition on this run. Brad is going to make these pieces available for sale only here on his website. Brad also found the extras unsigned and numbered prints on this edition which would serve to be used to replace pieces where mistakes might be made in numbering the piece or if there was a printer flaw in the run etc. their never was which says a lot for our printer and for the artist numbering these 500 pieces.

The secondary market prices on this piece over the years have been very strong to say the least. We have never seen it for sale on the secondary market except one were it was available through a collector who posted an add for it in a Art & Antiques magazine national publication of in the early 1990's saying "Must Sell", they were asking for $5,000.00. Brad say's "If there is one print i cannot be without in my home, it is this one. 30 plus years ago I painted something that forever changed my life. It is a part of my life that gave me self worth and better understanding and appreciation of life itself. I believe it was at this time and place in my life at 15 years old that I began my life as I know it today."

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The Very First Reproduction Of Brad's original artwork that was Printed In 1980


Brad Releases The Last 5 Remaining Prints Ever Made From His Original Charcoal Drawing That He Drew in 1973 at the Age of 15.

Aside from Brad's artwork being reproduced in newspapers and magazine articles this is officially the first reproduction of the artist's work to ever be reproduced and sold.

Brad's mother who cherished this piece that her son drew on butcher block paper which he would get free from the local butcher started drawing this portrait of Christ on his bedroom wall with charcoal in 1973. You can still see the drywall dot impression from the sand added to the paint to add texture to the walls in their apartment walls. This drove Brad crazy yet it would not detour him from finishing his drawing. He remembers still how his fingers would get so raw from the textured wall as he blended the charcoal almost to the point of bleeding. Brad lovingly gave this original to his mother to have forever. She kept it for most of the rest of her life. She had to sell it before she died to survive along with many of her sons other works that he gave her.

In 1980 so proud of her son and this piece that she went to a local printer and had some copy's of this drawing of Christ printed i black and white. She was so proud to to give them to family and close friends. She also sold some as well which got her by month to month and year to year.

After Brad's mother passed away in 2011 his sister gave Brad the few remaining prints she had left. Brad is keeping one for himself and one for each of his three children and is selling the few he has left. They are be available in our online store.

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Abiding Faith

'The Maria Edition'


Bradley J. Parrish


Brad Releases His First Giclee Canvas Reproduction of His Oldest Surviving Original Oil Painting to Honor a Dear Friend Maria


Created when the artist was only 15 years old in 1973 artist Bradley J. Parrish is for the first time ever releasing his art in the form of a fine art Gecle'e canvas reproduction, framed and unframed to honor the memory of his dear friend and fellow classmate Maria Karpfinger.  Over four decades ago Brad had given this painting to his friend and up until her death several years ago this painting was cherished and covenanted by her most of her life.  Brad who has waited out this relatively new printing industry for several years now has done so until they had perfected the method of printing his work on real canvas.    Brad has decided that this early oil painting of his along with the major advancements made in this printing industry has finally allowed him to pay tribute to his dear friend.  Brad said "I know Maria would be so honored to have a high quality fine art edition named after her'. Read More and Order Here...



Latest Original Painting Titled "Still Water" by Bradly J. Parrish


An original oil painting measuring 20"w x 16"h unframed which was completed on July 10, 2015.  This one in a series of works Brad has completed of one of his favorite places to paint. It is the same location of his piece titled "Cedar in Silhouette" which is shown below and selected by the Art Renewal Center or ARC for short in there annual international Solon art competition. For additional information on this piece view the "Latest Works Gallery" as well as the "Available Originals Gallery".



Three of Brad’s Latest Works Chosen in International 2014/2015 Art Competition


Three of Brad’s paintings have been chosen from over 2500 entries worldwide to be featured in the 2014/2015 Art Renewal Center or “ARC” international Salon catalog. Several of Brad’s works have taken top honors on two separate other occasions over the years when he had entered this competition which also showcased his work in previous ARC Salons international competition catalogs as well, works such as “Passing Showers”, “Whispers of Love” and “Creation of Heaven & Earth” which sold for $200,000.00.

The three recent Parrish paintings that were chosen by this year’s panel of judges to be showcased in this years catalog are shown above, (Left) is the “Creation of Heaven & Earth II”, in the (Center) is his painting titled "Creation" and to the (Right) is his Plein Air painting titled “Cedar in Silhouette”. These paintings can be viewed in the "Latest Works Gallery" and or in the" Available Originals Gallery".