Journals & Books


The Drawings & Writtings of Artist Bradley J. Parrish


Artist Brad Parrish has kept journals over the past 40 years, documenting everything from his inventions to his thoughts. ideas and sketches. Some sketches were the initial ideas and visions for some of his greatest works to date. Out of the hundreds of journals and writings Brad has written, only a dozen or so books have survived. Brad has been writing almost as much as he has been drawing and painting. As a child he wrote many stories, poems and journals. Sadly a great many of these were destroyed in the boxes that his mother kept in damp and flooded storage areas in the apartments they lived in. What has survived are those writings, poems and pro's that were published in things like his high school literary soft cover books and the later writings in those journals. 

This gallery showcases not only Brad's Journal entries but also some of his hundreds of thousands of drawings over the years from these journals. Also in this gallery we give you a sneak peak at two children's books that Brad is currently writing and illustrating. 



His most recent journals cover the last six years, a pivotal and  significant time the artist's life. It is in these journals that Brad documents  the most difficult and challenging time in his life. It is nothing short of a miracle that he is still with us today. Brad is working on volume five of the 1000 page journal. He has written four other volumes dating back to 2009.  A total of 4000 pages of writings and drawings. The journals will be transcribed and published as a hard cover book once Brad has completed this final volume.


The Lamplighter

A Children's Book Written & Illustrated By Bradley J. Parrish




Brad is currently working on a children's book titled 'The Lamplighter'. He was inspired to begin writing this story in 2011 during a very difficult time in the artist's life; a time that Brad said changed his life forever. He is now finalizing all of his writing of this book.  Brad began drawing some of the prelimanary sketches for the illustrations in this book in his journal back in 2012. We have posted  below some of these drawings in the photos shown below. Brad hopes to begin  the final  illustrations for his book soon. We will post the latest developments on his book as they become availble.



Drawing No. 1



Drawing No. 2



Drawing No. 3

Drawing No. 4



Drawing No. 5



Drawing No. 6



Drawing No. 7



Drawing No. 8