Latest Works Galley


In this gallery you will find the latest works from artist Brad Parrish, even works he completed just hours before they were posted  here in this gallery. Aside from  any photos or videos posted on the "Blog" pages in this site , you may also see works that he is currently working on prior to their completion. This is the gallery for the very first first looks at latest completed works by the artist.



Creation of Heaven And Earth


(First Painting in the Series)

Painted in 1996   /  Medium: Oil on Canvas  /  Image Size: 40"w x 30"h

* The framed original oil on canvas priced at $350,000.00 sold online in 2010. 

YESHUA AD 800 W Border.jpg

Yeshua (The Face of Christ)

β€œAn anonymous commission that I received this past summer of 2018, to paint the face of Christ, which ultimately was to be a gift from the individual(s) to their church. The complete story on this remarkable story will be forthcoming this winter.”



Still Water


(Third Painting In The Series)

Dated July 1o, 2015 /  Medium: Oil on Canvas  /  Image Size: 20"w x 16"h




Creation of Heaven and EArth II


(Second Painting In The Series)

Dated December 2014  /  Medium: Oil on Canvas  /  Image Size: 36"w x 48"h








Dated 2013  /  Medium: Oil on Canvas  /  Image Size: 24"h x 30"w





Cedar in Silhouette


(Plein Air Painting)

Painted in 2014  /  Medium: Oil on Canvas  /  Image Size: 16"h x 20"w




Evenings Last Light

Evenings Last Light


Dated 2014  /  Medium: Oil on Canvas  /  Image Size: 9"w x 12"h