Boltar (Eastern Timber Wolf - Original Oil on Canvas)


Boltar (Eastern Timber Wolf - Original Oil on Canvas)

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In the early 1900's when Brad was extensively studying the wolves at local timberwolf preservation society, he had sketched and painted many wolves over a period of six years. This particular wolf was a very large and old wolf named "Boltar". Once the alfa male, he was now an old man and this was the first wolf Brad had ever painted. This painting was painted at the reserve in the field and Brad remembers how difficult it was to paint this piece with his oil paints so thick and hard because of the bitter cold weather. Brad loved this wolf and called him "The Gentle Giant". He had the most beautiful coat of any wolf Brad has ever seen. This painting has been in the artists own personal collection for over two decades. It was from this painting that Brad would go on to paint a dozen or more beautiful wolf paintings.

Date Painted: 1990

Medium: Oil on Canvas

Size: 20"h x 24"w

Signed: "Parrish" Lower Right Corner.

Weight: 1.5 lbs.

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