Creation of Adam (Miniature Lithograph)


Creation of Adam (Miniature Lithograph)


Date of Reproduction: 1986

When the fine art reproduction were being reproduced on press artist Bradley J. Parrish had also had placed a small image of "The Creation of Adam" on the very same sheets that the large signed & numbered limited edition. was being printed on. These were going to be used as sell sheets to sell the limited edition, however the edition had sold out before they were sent out to galleries around the country.

Brad kept some of these sell sheets and is now going to make them available to purchase. The quantity is currently around 100 give or take a few. (All of these miniature prints were run on the same sheets and using the same inks as the larger image above them below know as the one and only "The Creation of Adam" limited edition printed back in 1986. know other printed image of this piece has ever been reproduced since these two printed together were done.

Brad has personally signed these in the lower left-hand corner leaving his printed signature on the right as it had appeared on his original pastel painting when it was created it 1975. This print also includes a certificate of authenticity.


Overall Print Size: 7"w x 5"h

Image Size: 5 1/2" w x 4"h

Signed: Hand signed "Parrish" in lower left corner in brown pencil.

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