Eyes on a Nation (Original Pastel on Paper)


Eyes on a Nation (Original Pastel on Paper)

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This pastel portrait of a close up of our first president of the United States George Washington as he appears in the monumental stone carving titled Mount Rushmore done in the Black Hills of South Dakota was the inspiration for this painting by artist Bradley J. Parrish. Brad who has always awed at this Beautiful work of art wanted to capture it truly unique way. What are the eyes of our countries first president really seeing in our nation today? And what would he say if he were alive today? Is this the America that so many Americans dreamed of and fought for having shed their blood, their tears and their lives for. Is this the free sovereign state our forefathers fought so hard to create and protect. All these and other questions Brad proposes to the viewers in this painting he calls "Eyes on a Nation".

Medium: Pastel on Canson Paper

Date Painted: 1991

Signed: "PARRISH" In Lower Right Corner

Size: 19"h x 24"w

Weight: 1 lb.

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