Christ (First Reproduction Ever Made of The Artist's Work)


Christ (First Reproduction Ever Made of The Artist's Work)



Aside from Brad's artwork being reproduced in newspapers and magazine articles this is officially the first reproduction of the artist's work to ever be reproduced and sold.

Brad's mother who cherished this piece that her son drew on butcher block paper which he would get free from the local butcher started drawing this portrait of Christ on his bedroom wall with charcoal in 1973. You can still see the drywall dot impression from the sand added to the paint to add texture to the walls in their apartment walls. This drove Brad crazy yet it would not detour him from finishing his drawing. He remembers still how his fingers would get so raw from the textured wall as he blended the charcoal almost to the point of bleeding. Brad lovingly gave this original to his mother to have forever. She kept it for most of the rest of her life. She had to sell it before she died to survive along with many of her sons other works that he gave her.

In 1980 so proud of her son and this piece that she went to a local printer and had some copy's of this drawing of Christ printed i black and white. She was so proud to to give them to family and close friends. She also sold some as well which got her by month to month and year to year.

After Brad's mother passed away in 2011 his sister gave Brad the few remaining prints she had left. Brad is keeping one for himself and one for each of his three children and is selling the few he has left. They are be available in our online store.

Original Painted in 1973

Medium: Charcoal on Butcher Block Paper.

Size: 18"w x 24"h

Prints of This Piece Made in 1980

Approximately 100 prints made.

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