Creation of Adam (45th Anniversary Edition)


Creation of Adam (45th Anniversary Edition)


 Brad has chosen to make available to art collectors the few remaining signed and numbered "Artist Proofs' prints which he has in his possession from his 1986 release of his painting of the Creation of Adam done in 1973 when the artist was only 15 years old. (The Artist Proof Edition are those prints deemed the finest quality prints during the run of the entire edition of 500 made. Those prints that were tagged by the artist and were set aside to become a completely separate edition onto itself 'The Artist Proof Edition" which was10% of prints made for the edition. A total of only 50 prints separate from the regular edition was signed and numbered by the artist in creating this 'The Artist Proof Edition').

This is one of if not the artist's most powerful works he has ever created. It is also one of the earliest reproductions of the artist's works that is signed by him and numbered. The 'Artist Proof Edition' is the most highly sought after reproduction in the 1986 release of this edition because it comes from the 'Artist Proof Edition' of only 50 prints made and hand selected by the artist as the finest pieces in the printing run.

The original pastel done by Brad in 1973 was partially destroyed back in 1985 after he found that the hairspray his art teacher said he could use the protect the pastel from coming off the paper did not work. It beaded up and taking the pastel with it as it fell over the years leaving the paper exposed. Brad desperately tried to apply additional pastel to the piece and could not go back years to when he had the inspiration to paint this piece. The piece was ruined however, Brad remembered photographing this piece after he completed it and before he sprayed it with hairspray. These reproductions were made from slides that the artist shot back in 1973.

The original was years later stolen and has never surfaced since. The only surviving image of this piece are those reproductions that were printed in 1986 of which these 'Artist Proofs' are from. So important and valuable that this image is that the Vatican in Rome itself holds one of these very same prints that you are buying here in their archives for safe keeping so that generations can appreciate this painting by artist Bradley J. Parrish done at the age of 15.

Date of Reproduction: 1986

Edition(s) & Size(s): 500 Signed & Numbered Prints. 50 Signed & Numbered AP's (Artist Proofs) and the (45th Anniversary Edition of 10 prints)

Overall Print Size: 31"w x 24 3/4"h

Image Size: 27" w 20 3/4"h

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