NEW!! BRAD'S FIRST GICLEE PRINT- Shh! (ARTIST PROOF Signed & Numbered Giclée Edition)


NEW!! BRAD'S FIRST GICLEE PRINT- Shh! (ARTIST PROOF Signed & Numbered Giclée Edition)


One of Brad Parrish's most beloved and sold out fine art holiday prints was first reproduced as a limited edition fine art lithograph print in 1995. That edition had quickly sold out to galleries after it was released and only a couple galleries might have one or two to sell you at $1,190.00 and above for each print. 

Brad has chosen to release his monumental enduring keepsake "Shh! as his very first Giclee print and he is producing of the highest quality using only fine art paper and archival inks that will bring all the beautiful colors only found in the original painting. When he saw the first print come from the printer Brad said: "This is jaw-droppingly beautiful!" He reduced the image size so that when it is matted and framed it will be a nice size piece framed. It will save collectors a great deal of money when it comes to matting and framing this long vertical piece. Brad was excited to get this piece released this year of 2018 as many people for over two decades have wanted this beautiful painting hanging in their homes during the holiday season and Brad refused to release any of his works as a Giclee until the industry worked out a lot of issues he saw as detrimental to an enduring reproduction, especially as it pertained to printing directly on canvas. It is why he created the Holiday Card Collection in 2004 with the "Shh! image at the head of the pack. He created these high-end holiday cards printing them on fine art paper and used expensive archival ink so his collectors could frame these small Shh! cards they could frame and enjoy during the holidays. Brad doesn't like seeing people selling his $40 boxed cards being sold individually on shopping sites, but there is nothing you can do about it. People are paying a premium for the holiday card but it must be worth it if you're going to frame it. This Giclee print will make many happy to have and cherish a print this year and for so many to come.

Description: First Giclee produced from the art of the Artist

Note: (This is a print from the "Artist Proof" edition)

Image Size: 6 1/2"w  x  20"h   (3/4 the size of his sold-out lithograph of the same image)

Year prints began to be produced, released & sold: November 2017

If you would like the definition of an (AP) or "Artist Proof" then please see our "Art Definitions" here.

Edition Size: One of two Signed & Numbered Giclée Limited Editions. The "Signed & Numbered" Limited Edition of 1500 Giclée prints, and the "Artist Proof" Signed & Numbered Giclée Limited Edition of 150 Giclée Prints.


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