Nude IV (Original Ink Drawing on Paper)

Nude Drawing No.IV Web.jpg
Nude Drawing No.IV Web.jpg

Nude IV (Original Ink Drawing on Paper)


This is one of four individual original line drawings I did and have had framed.  Each one of these drawings may look the same but they are not.  In drawing these seated nudes leaning forward, It was my intent to see if I could pull off the vision in my mind and do a very quick line drawing using the minimal amount of unbroken lines to convey the image to myself and to the viewer. The result was a consistent 4 individual lines drawn to accomplish this. Yes, I could have pushed it to maybe 3 lines and even 2, but, then it really becomes questionable as to what the viewer sees.  You know and see it,  but you find that your viewers are totally lost.  Which isn't a bad thing, but, is not where I wanted to go.

The original ink drawing is beautifully framed in an ornate antique gold finished wood frame, then matted with an off white archival mat with a thin gold fillet.  This piece is protected by Museum Glass which blocks out over 99% of UV rays.  The Museum Glass also has virtually no reflection properties to detract your eyes from seeing the artwork.  The framed piece has been framed by a professional framer and comes with the hardware to hang the piece installed on the back of the frame and is ready to hang.

This Painting has remained in the artists own personal collection since the day the work was completed.

Date Drawn: 1997

Medium: Ink on Arches Paper

Image Size: 11.5"H X 14.3"W

Weight: 2.5 lbs.

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