White Bengal Tiger (Original Pastel on Paper)


White Bengal Tiger (Original Pastel on Paper)

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Brad was always a regular at his hometowns world famous Milwaukee county Zoo. As a small child, he would sit and sketch animals each and every day. As a young adult, he would set up his easel and outside the enclosure painting animals at rest. A regular to the lion house where they housed all the big cats, Brad loved this big a beautiful white Bengal Tiger that was sunning itself out on a warm spring day. This is one of Brads favorite Plein Air wildlife pieces he has done. Capturing the moment, the temperature and feeling in this pastel painting that the viewer is, as was the artist, moved by the contrast of light and dark hues that capture this beautiful and majestic animal at rest. This pastel on paper has remained a part of the artist's own personal collection since its completion in 1988. It is now being offered for sale.

Date Painted: 1988

Medium: Original Pastel on Paper

Signed: "PARRISH" In Lower Right Corner

Size: 19"h x 23"w

Weight: 1 lb.

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